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Technical Translation Services
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We provide translation and communication services to support your market presence in Turkey.

Technical Translation Services

tts develops overall communications concepts and ensures that your advertising slogans and marketing material will be perfectly adapted for a Turkish target audience.

Do you want to successfully market your products on the Turkish market?

The core activity of tts is translation into Turkish from of the source languages German and English. We also offer translations from Turkish into German.

However, we are more than just good translators - we are also your Turkey experts! Working together with forschlabor, we monitor business activity in the Turkish market and offer consultancy services to German companies who wish to market their products and services in Turkey.

tts can offer you a comprehensive range of business services, all from a single source:

  • Background investigations in chosen fields
  • Terminology work
  • Translation and copywriting
  • Quality control
  • Consulting regarding product launch and business activities on the Turkish market.

tts is a small, specialized service provider, meaning that you will be in direct contact with us, with no 'middlemen'. Your contact person is Selçuk İskender. This is the key to the quality of the services we provide.

Partner of forschlabor