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Environmental, general technology, production, energy, the arts and social issues - tts covers all these areas!

Specialist fields

tts focuses on providing technical translations and excellent customer service. We deliver specialist translations of operating manuals, handbooks, Internet websites and advertising material. tts has extensive experience and can look back on many successful translation projects in the following fields:

Energy and heating systems

  • Translations covering the product range of the market-leader in Germany, including boilers and entire heating
    and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems


  • Solar power (solar thermal energy and photovoltaic cells)
  • Bioenergy (biomass)

Automobile and mechanical engineering

  • Cars, commercial vehicles and building machinery
  • Production technology, gas turbines, printing machines

Electrical equipment

  • Household appliances
  • Small electrical goods (e.g. shavers)
  • Television and home entertainment

Software localization

  • Translation and adaptation of computer programs (software) to match the standard software interface
    environments used in Turkey.

Social issues, literature and film

  • Integration brochures
  • Children's books
  • Subtitles for films for cinema and television