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Prices and services

Our prices and rates

We will agree on fixed prices with you, so that both parties know what each project will cost. Our standard rates are comparable with those charged by other agencies. tts is a highly specialized service provider with minimal administration costs, unlike larger agencies which have to employ large administration teams. This means that most of the agreed price goes into the actual translation work itself, which means that we can deliver high quality at a reasonable price.

Contact us to obtain a free quote for your text. In most cases, we will send you a quote within 24 hours.
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Get the most out of our services...

We can also provide an all-round service, should you wish. If desired, each individual project step will be carried out after consultation with you, the client. Every translation will be personally checked and approved by Selçuk İskender. This means that every text is translated by a specialist translator who always has support available for technical queries.

In the course of the translation process, we ensure that all content, processes, products and - often most critical of all - software are adapted to the linguistic and cultural conventions of the modern Turkey. We would be delighted to advise you on how best to write and prepare your texts for subsequent translation. Efficient, successful localization of software is only possible if the localization step is taken into account at an early planning stage and if allowance is made for localization in software design and programming right from the start. Otherwise, software adaptation and localization at a later stage will be time-consuming and expensive.

Every text will receive one last editorial check by Selçuk İskender before being handed over to the client. The delivered translation will be a quality product that is technically and linguistically correct, accurate in terms of content, and is stylistically in tune the target audience.

With tts, quality becomes an attainable goal! You can count on us to help you establish a successful market presence in Turkey.