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Selçuk İskender
tts provides technical translations, software localization and all-round communications concepts.

Areas of expertise

Selçuk İskender is a graduate in process engineering (B.Sc.), sociology and communications studies (M.A.), and has twenty years of experience as a freelance translator from German and English into Turkish for a range of specialist fields.

Technical translations

  • Automobile industry, machinery and mechanical engineering, electrical equipment, computers and consumer electronics, energy and heating systems, environmental engineering (Operating manuals and workshop handbooks in both printed and video form, translations of specialist literature, Internet websites).

Other specialist areas

  • Texts on social issues (e.g. integration brochures), literature, films for cinema and television.

We can work directly with the file format that you specify, meaning that you do not have to deal with text documents as an intermediate step. We can also advise you on how best to prepare your texts so that they can be successfully translated into Turkish.
tts can also help with your corporate identity ensuring advertising material and slogans are well-adapted for the Turkish market.